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We often live by the rules that are imposed on us by our society. These non-verbal rules may be about the individual’s appearance, clothing choices and behaviour. During the recent years, with the present role of mass fashion industry, people have become remarkably alike in terms of their clothing choices. This photo series is a response to the societies, who loose their identity to monoculture.

As we turn into monotypes, people start not to tolerate originality anymore. These photos are considered to be a rebellion against social uniformity and therefore titled as “The Wild Ones”. The Wild Ones conveys the concept of freedom of expression as well as it encourages the viewer to respect diversity.

The Wild Ones aims to show the individual’s uniqueness with as little clothing as possible while symbolizing the disobedience by accepting and embracing the beauty of the body.

The Wild Ones expresses the desire of acting against the imposed social norms and social orders, which have been enslaving us ever since. In order to wear those chains of, we shall start taking a critical look at our society and our environment to bring forth our the most authentic selves.

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